13th World Day Against the Death Penalty

October 10, 2015, is the 13th World Day Against the Death Penalty. The goal of World Day Against the Death Penalty is to raise awareness about the death penalty and advocate against the death penalty. Each year, the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty focuses on a different location or topic about which to raise awareness. This year, they are focusing on raising awareness about nations who use the death penalty to punish drug offenders.

According to the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty, there are 33 countries and territories worldwide who continue to use executions for drug related crimes, 12 of which have mandatory death sentences for drug related crimes. Of those 33 countries and territories, 13 carried out executed for drug crimes within the past five years. Perhaps most famously, 31-year-old Andrew Chan and 34-year-old Myuran Sukumaran, both Australians, were executed earlier this year in Indonesia for smuggling drugs in 2005. They were the convicted ring leaders of the group known as the Bali 9, and the only members to have their death sentences upheld and carried out.

On this World Day Against the Death Penalty, we, at The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries, ask that you remember all the individuals on death row in your prayers. Please pray that if they are not guilty of the crime(s) for which they have been convicted, their innocence will be revealed. Please pray that all who are on death row may come to find peace through personal relationship with Jesus Christ, if they have not already.


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