16th World Day Against the Death Penalty

The 16th World Day Against the Death Penalty is on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. This day is a time to educate and raise awareness about various issues surrounding the death penalty. Each year, the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty focuses on a specific topic about which to raise awareness. This year, they are seeking to raise awareness about the living conditions on death row.

The living conditions for death row inmate vary around the world. In some African and Asian countries, death rows are often over-crowded and are intended to take away that person’s dignity. In the United Staes, most death row inmates are kept in solitary confinement. They are in their cells for 22 hours out of each day and have extremely limited contact with other people, including friends, families, lawyers, guards, and other inmates. Scientists have been studying the effects of a person being isolated and have determined that it is extremely detrimental for their mental health.

On this World Day Against the Death Penalty, we, at The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries, ask that you remember all the people on death row throughout the world; these fellow human being who are often made to live in inhumane places. Please pray that if they are innocent of the crimes for which they have been convicted and sentenced to death, that their innocence will be proven prior to their execution. Please also pray that all may come to find peace through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, if they have not already.


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