Prayer Thoughts for November - Military Families

Throughout the year, in each month, a difference remembrance or celebration is held for the military.  November is no exception.  We remember and celebrate both the veterans that have selflessly served and protected the United States, and the creation of the Marine Corps.  But there is another remembrance in November, one that is unlike the others.  In November, we also look at others who have made a great sacrifice for this nation, some of whom never volunteered to make such a sacrifice.  We honor those who are often overlooked, yet are a key part of the military, but do not wear a uniform.  They are the families of the service men and women.


Military families face unique struggles.  Yes, like all families, they must deal with traditional family struggles - aging parents, family disputes, family deaths, holiday parties, and everyday events - in addition to the worries that comes from having a member of the family in the military.  But, by having one member of the family serving in the military, it means that the family is often without a key member when facing these family struggles, placing added pressure and stress on those who have been left behind.  It means a mom or dad trying to fulfill two roles, so that children do not miss out.  It means a parent not being present for a child’s important event/performance/game.  It means missing out on milestones, a loss the entire family feels.


A military family also faces other struggles and challenges: frequent moves, constant worry, multiple and long periods of separation, limited contact, and lack of knowledge regarding the whereabouts and safety of their loved one(s).  All military personnel and their family should be respected and honored for the sacrifice they make everyday.


Unfortunately, many Americans, including politicians, no longer give the military and their families the respect they deserve.  Families of the military do not wear uniforms, making it all to easy to hear the insults, jeers, and disrespecting remarks made by ignorant (and sometimes not-so-ignorant) Americans who take advantage of the freedoms they have by disrespecting the very people who have ensured they have that freedom. 


This November, remember the families who stand behind and support the men and women fighting to keep America safe.  If you are a family member, we at The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries thank you for the help and support you have provided the armed services.  If you are not a family member, consider how you could show your support for the military and/or their families. 


November is Non Profit Awareness Month

The month of November, among other things, is Non-Profit Organization Appreciation Month. Non-Profit Organizations play a vital role in the daily lives and overall wellbeing of our nation and the world.


Although you may not realize it Non-Profit Organizations touch everyone's, including yours, life. Non-profits engage in innumerable activities. Non-Profit organizations feed, shelter and cloth those unable to provide for themselves: long and short term. Others provide medical care for those unable to afford it. Some non-profit organizations engage in medical research seeking cures for currently incurable disease. Many seek to influence the way the world is viewed and how people interact with one another. The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries falls into the later category of non-profit organization. The list of what non-profit organizations do is limitless and surely not exhausted here. 


The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries has a passion for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone, everywhere. Our mission is to support and encourage those who have acknowledged Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. For those who have never encountered Jesus Christ our desire is to introduce you too Him through the Gospels and a study of His word, the Holy Bible. Jesus teaches us that He is the way, the truth, and the life for all who come to Him with an open mind and a sincere heart. Our mission as a non-profit is to change the world for the better one person at a time through helping all come to Jesus Christ.  We share our passion through our website: Our website allows us to reach the world without leaving our office. Praise the Lord!


The Forgiveness Foundation Christian Ministries has a burden. The burden is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with every man and woman on death row in the United States of America. We do this by corresponding with death row inmates about anything they chose with the inmate knowing we will be sharing the Gospel with every letter. 


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