Merry Christmas!! St. Francis of Assisi and the First Nativity

Francis of Assisi* was a simple man who lived a simple life, dedicated to the Lord.  He grew up in a life of wealth and privilege, enjoying and appreciating all the beauty and ease that came with that life.  But after 25 years living the affluent life, God’s call finally reached Francis’ ears.  A disagreement with his father spurned Francis to finally and fully reject the life into which he was born, and devote himself entirely to the Lord and His work.


Francis wanted everyone to return to the Lord.  Inspired by the poverty, humility, and simplicity into which Jesus Christ was born, and the life He lived, Francis attempted to live his life in a similar manner, owning nothing but the clothes on his back - and even those he was willing to give away!


After years of travels and devotion to the Lord, Francis arrived in the small village of Greccio, Italy where he would spend the Christmas of 1223.  Unbeknownst to him, it was just two years before his death.  And it was in this village that Francis made one of his most enduring contributions to Christian history.

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