January 30, 2019

PSALMS 12-14   


Focus Verses for Today: Psalm 14:5-6


Take a moment before for you begin today’s journey and read Psalms 12-14, seeking God’s perfect understanding of His word in prayer. 


Psalm 12, finds King David praying. He is expressing his deepest feelings to God. He is telling God that he can trust no one any longer. Everyone makes a habit of lying to each other. King David continues that he can trust no one any longer, no one except the Lord his God.


In Psalm 13, King David is seeking God. The pressures of the world are weighing heavy on him. King David seeks the Lord but feels the Lord has stopped speaking to him. The concluding verses of Psalm 13 reveal King Davids heart where he expresses to the King of Kings that he trusts in God’s unfailing love and God’s salvation for him. The final phrase of verse 6, King David, speaking of the Lord, “for He has been good to me.” David acknowledges that God has been good to him, immediately after asking where God was regarding David’s current circumstances. 


Psalm 14, speaks of evildoers frustrating the ways of the poor and righteous which takes us to our focus verses of the day:


5But there they are, overwhelmed with dread,

for God is present in the company of the righteous.

6You evildoers frustrate the plans of the poor,

but the Lord is their refuge. (Psalms 14:5-6, NIV)


Although Psalm 14 begins by telling how evil doers thwart the ways of the righteous and poor, the concluding versus of the Psalm, share that God is the refuge for the righteous and the poor. 


It appears that King David longs for a time when he will be free of having to deal with evil doers, as will the righteous and the poor.  You may be asking yourself, if God is protecting the righteous and poor why doesn’t He stop the evil doer? That is a good question. Reflect on the journey we have taken so far with Job: he most certainly is asking the same questions and sharing the same thoughts as King David, the righteous, and the poor. It can be difficult to see God’s protection when evil is crouching all around us. Evil attacking at every intersection of our lives. King David knew how to talk to God. King David expressed what he felt to God. King David also always knew that God was protecting him all the time. King David, like the rest of us want out of situations that wear on us, and he expressed his feelings to God; however, King David unlike most of us was secure in God as his safe harbor no matter what situation he found himself in. 


Now take a few moments and re-read Psalms 12-14. Pray over it again. Meditate over it. Now if you are a contemplator it is time to contemplate. If you journal: it is time to journal. Who is the first person you turn to when you are troubled? What does this say about your relationship with God? What does it say about God’s relationship with the person who is oppressing you? Time to contemplate! Time to write! Godspeace!


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