February 3, 2019

Romans 11-12   


Focus VersesFor Today: Romans 12:21


Before we begin the our journey through the book of Romans take a moment and pray asking God to reveal His meaning of what you are reading.  While you are in prayer, if you have something on your mind, take some time and share it with the Lord.  It is always good to surrender your day to Him first thing!  On to the journey!


In chapter 11 of Romans, Paul expresses his concern for His people, the Jews.  Paul desires that his people come to know Jesus as their Messiah.  In Romans 11:16-17, it appears that Paul believes Israel’s rejection of Christ is only temporary and Israel will accept Jesus as their Savior.  


Our focus verse for today is Romans 12: 21:


21Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good(Romans 12:21, NIV)


Keep our focus verse in mind as we begin our journey through Romans!


In chapter 12 of Romans, Paul explains that when a person truly surrenders their life to Christ, his life is transformed.  Paul teaches that true believers, those genuinely thankful, for God’s mercy, change their lives, forsaking living sinful lives, seeking instead to live a life that expresses true fellowship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  A believer’s life will take on true humility, forsaking pride, with the understanding that all is accomplished through grace and mercy extended to them through God.  “God is Love!” Have you heard that phrase?  Paul explains Christian love in verses 9 through 21 of Romans.  Think back to the beatitudes we studied in Matthew: sounds familiar!  Doesn’t it?  Christian love is more than a feeling.  Christian love is not a passive verb.  Christian love is an action verb.  Take a moment and reread verses 9-21!  Pause, reflect, pray, then consider the life you live, the way you express yourself, verbally and physically (body language), to those who may offend you - those who make you feel uncomfortable, those you may not like.  


If you are journaling, you may want to take your journal out now.  If you choose to, contemplate what the apostle Paul is sharing today the mind is a tablet: contemplate away.  How do you overcome evil?  God’s way?  The world’s way?  It is against human nature - that would be sin’s nature, Satan’s gift to humanity in the Garden of Eden - to genuinely care about those who heap evil on us.  It is against human/sin nature to not rejoice (even silently counts), when an adversary receives a setback.  That is Satan’s gift to you!  Feels good, doesn’t it!  Yep!  We have all done it.  The problem is, and it is a much bigger problem than we may imagine, feeling our sin nature shine, is that it is not what God wants us to do.  Write instances, which come to mind, where your response severed Satan.  That’s the reality of what is happening, when your response could have served Jesus.  Are you transformed (Romans 12:1-2) or are you still living the sin nature/human nature: Satan’s garden gift to you?  Godspeace!


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