February 6, 2019

PSALMS 15-17   


Focus Verses for Today: Psalm 15:1-5


Take some time to read Psalms chapters 15-17.  Reflect and contemplate on what you have read.  Seek God in prayer asking for a clear understanding; His true meaning, of what you have just read, reflected on and contemplated over.  


Chapter 15 is the entire focus verses for today: 


Lord, who may dwell in your sacred tent?

    Who may live on your holy mountain?

2The one whose walk is blameless,

    who does what is righteous,

    who speaks the truth from their heart;

3whose tongue utters no slander,

    who does no wrong to a neighbor,

    and casts no slur on others;

4who despises a vile person

    but honors those who fear the Lord;

who keeps an oath even when it hurts,

    and does not change their mind;

5who lends money to the poor without interest;

    who does not accept a bribe against the innocent.

Whoever does these things

    will never be shaken.  (Psalms 15:1-5, NIV)

We will return to our focus verse for today shortly.  


In chapter 16 of Psalms, David reflects on those who worshiped false gods: idols!  He also rejoices to the Lord God that he, David, had never worshipped idols.  


Chapter 17 of Psalms, is David seeking the Lord’s protection from those who are trying to harm him.  David summons the Lord, citing that he, King David, has lived a life that is pleasing to the Lord.  


Our focus verses describe a righteous person as revealed to King David by the Lord.  In chapter 16, King David asserts that he has never sought refuge from a false god stating that he knows his refuge is in the Lord God.


In chapter 17, King David asserts that he has lived his life in a way that he has confidence of the Lord’s security for him.  He asks the Lord to protect him from the people who are trying to harm him.  He never claims to have lived a life free of sin.  No, his claim is a claim of righteousness based on his steadfast relationship with the Lord.


If you are a contemplator - it is time to contemplate.  If you are journaling - it is time to journal.  Take a few minutes to reflect on what you have read here and in chapter’s 15-17 of Psalms.  Are you ready to take today’s journey?  


Most Christians are confused about salvation.  Most non-believers, who hear what they hear, are confused about Christian salvation.  King David never believed good works would gain eternal life with God for him.  King David also knew that was a sinner.  He did not hide this fact.  He addressed this fact.  Today it would be referred to as, “living in reality.” Now take a few moments to think, reflect, and meditate over how to secure eternal life.  Contemplators write your answer on the tablet of your heart.  You journaling folks, time to put pencil or pen, to paper.  After contemplating or journaling, review you conclusion, seeking to determine if your view contains an element of work.  You know: earned salvation!  Why were the Jews of the Bible so focused on good works?  They misunderstood that the law was to identify sin and that the coming Messiah would deliver them from sin.  King David knew that God was his refuge.  King David knew that seeking to live a Godly life, not a sinless life, made him righteous in God’s sight.  Are you righteous in God’s eyes?  Godspeace!



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