March 14, 2019

JOB 21-22    


Focus Verses For Today: Job 21:22-26


Job responds to Zophar’s claim that wealth and health are the result of righteous living.  Eliphaz accused Job of horrible sins against the people, advising Job to turn from his ways so that God may restore him.  


Take a moment to pray for God’s understanding to today’s journey through Job 21-22.  Read Job 21-22.  Let’s journey!


In chapter 21, Job tell’s Zophar to hush and listen to him.  He tells Zophar that he is speaking to God and not him, concluding that Zophar will not listen with an open mind.  

Job asks God why the openly wicked flourish.  Job asks God why those who openly mock and deny God flourish.  Job asks God why their punishment is reserved for their children, expressing that the sinner, not his offspring, should receive the punishment for his sin.  Job observes that the rich and the poor find themselves in identical status when they die.  Did Zophar understand what Job was telling him?  (Job 21:1-34)


In chapter 22, Elizphaz accused Job of a series of sins, Job 22:4-11, which resulted in God’s anger against Job.  Eliphaz counsels Job to repent and change his ways, so that God may restore him.  A very sad observation regarding Eliphaz and Zophar: they both chose to ignore what did not fit into their understanding rather than seek out God to reconcile their understanding to His truth.  (Job 22:1-30)


Our focus verses for today:


22Can anyone teach knowledge to God,

    since he judges even the highest?

23One person dies in full vigor,

    completely secure and at ease,

24well nourished in body,

    bones rich with marrow.

25Another dies in bitterness of soul,

    never having enjoyed anything good.

26Side by side they lie in the dust,

    and worms cover them both.  (Job 21:22-26, NIV) 


It appears that Job thought when life ended; all was over.  He saw the blessed and less fortunate as equals in death.  Did he know more than he shared?  His assertion about death fails to express that all bindings on the righteous shall be broken.  The righteous shall be truly free.  His assertion fails to recognize that eternal punishment is waiting for the unrighteous, who are materially blessed, upon their death.  Job was seeking God’s counsel, not that of his three friends who, like Job, did not understand what was happening.  Things we don’t understand happen to us and all around us all the time.  Just like Job, it is important for us to know who to seek advise from.  Have you shared you cares and concerns with God lately?  Have you listened for His reply?  Have you … Godspeace!



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