Michael Hooper, Oklahoma


August 14, 2012

Michael Edward Hooper was executed by the state of Oklahoma on August 14, 2012. Michael was pronounced dead at 6:14 pm CDT, inside the execution chamber at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester, Oklahoma. Michael was 39 years of age. He was executed for murdering his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend Cynthia Lynn Roggy Jarman and her two children, 3-year-old Timothy Jarman and 5-year-old Tonya Jarman, on December 7, 1993, north of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Michael had a troubled childhood and became addicted to drugs and alcohol as a teenager. He did not graduate from high school. At his trial, Michael’s ex-wife testified that he was physically abusive towards and tried to kill her multiple times.

Please pray for peace and healing for the family of Cynthia and her children, Timothy and Tonya. Please pray for the family of Michael.


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