Carbon Dating Camels - Prove What??

Scientists recently claimed to have carbon dated camels to establish the year they were domesticated. Their discovery, they claim, proves the Bible is historically inaccurate. The Bible isn’t about domesticated camels – it is the story of the perfect gift – the gift of salvation - the story of Jesus the Christ.

Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].
  (Hebrews 11:1, AMP) 

I readily admit that I know nothing about carbon dating. I readily admit that I know nothing about domesticated and undomesticated camels. I readily admit that I know nothing about domesticated horses and undomesticated (wild horses) other than both exist today. The one thing I know for sure is that the Bible, the Word of God, has not changed from the moment it was revealed to man as science continues to correct itself – sure wish they’d leave my coffee alone, and be thankful that God, the only truth, loves us so much, that He allowed His Son to accept the punishment for our sin that we may spend eternity in paradise with the true King – Jesus.


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