February 6, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Judges 1-6

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Commentary: Judges in ancient Israel are not the robe and gavel judges we think of today.  The judges in Israel were called to be leaders, usually military leaders before becoming civilian governors.  Judges would often lead the people back to the Lord, however, the people would then once again fall away.  Judges begins with the death of Joshua and a summarization of the tribes of Israel.  The warnings of Moses and Joshua are realized when Israel falls away from the Lord because they failed to completely eradicate their enemies from the land.  Deborah and Gideon are two of the judges discussed in today’s reading.  God can use anyone for His purpose, even the most unexpected people.

Focus Verses: 2:6-3:5  Did the Israelites obey the warning given by Joshua that we studied last week?  What happened?  What lesson can we learn from this passage?