February 9, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Isaiah 29-33

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Commentary: Prophecies do not always occur far into the future.  Assyria was attacking and it looked as if the Israelites would win, however, God protected the people of Judah and struck down 185,000 Assyrian troops in one night (Isaiah 37:36).  The people will react to God in one of two ways: deny Him and make their own secret plans (which cannot be kept from the Lord), or accept the Lord's help and rejoice in Him.  The next four chapters contain three “woe” oracles (30, 31, and 33).  Each begins with a formal complaint (woe) and then goes on to offer hope for the future when God will transform the world and implement His plans.  

Focus Verses: 31:1-9  What warning is issued in this passage?  Why is relying on others not a good idea?  Upon whom should we rely?  Does this message continue to apply today?