February 10, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Matthew 14-16

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Commentary: John the Baptist is killed by Herod the tetrarch (son of the Herod who attempted to kill Jesus).  After being informed of the death of John, whom Jesus knew and likely considered a friend, Jesus continued to minister and assist both Jews and Gentiles, unusual at that time.  Perhaps Jesus was trying to grieve for John’s loss, but He set aside His grief, for the sake of others.  However, Jesus, like us, needed to spend time with His Heavenly Father and sent his disciples on ahead.  Peter is a rather rash disciple, making him easily relatable.  He is quick to believe and act, but will doubt, second-guess himself, and often speak before thinking, but, when he is in trouble, he looks to Jesus for forgiveness and guidance.  Peter’s faith was hard-learned, just as ours must be.

Focus Verses:  16:1-4  What was wrong with the Pharisees’ request?  Have you made similar requests in your life?  What is Jesus’ response?  Would it be the same today?