February 17, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Matthew 17-19

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Commentary:The transfiguration shows the fulfillment of another prophecy and offered the disciples a glimpse at Jesus’ true self.  The disciples’ faith was also still weak, and they failed to realize the power to heal came from God.  We, like the disciples, often forget that it is not the loudest or most visible person whom God favors, but rather the meek and humble, attributes with which many struggle.  We are to be kind and forgiving.  The Pharisees once again attempt to trick Jesus with questions regarding marriage and divorce, which led to the death of John the Baptist.  Jesus did not hesitate to stand firm, saying marriage was meant to last a lifetime.

Focus Verses:  19:1-12  What is this passage about?  What is the meaning of what Jesus is saying?  Are His words still followed today?