February 26, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Genesis 32-35

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Commentary:  Jacob and Esau are finally reunited, but with caution.  Jacob does not know how Esau is going to react to seeing him once again, so Jacob attempts to soften up Esau with gifts.  What do all of Jacob’s plans lack?  Direction from the Lord!  Jacob wrestles with the Lord before finally surrendering.  Surrendering does not cause an instant transformation within Jacob, rather a slow change takes place, just as it can be within us.  In the final chapter, we see that Jacob’s children have inherited their father’s deceitful nature.

Focus Verse:  32:1-21  What do you make of Jacob’s preparations to meet with his brother?  What was the preparations purpose?  Was it demonstrating a lack of faith in the Lord?  Should Jacob have acted differently?