March 5, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Genesis 36-39

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Commentary: Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son, a favoritism that was obvious to his other children, likely causing resentment between Joseph and his brothers.  Dreams were often considered revelations of the future, given by God.  No doubt, these dreams did nothing to endear Joseph to his brothers.  Perhaps the brothers had heard of how their father had stolen his brother’s birthright and feared that Joseph was going to do the same to them.  The brothers conspired to eliminate Joseph, eventually selling him into slavery, where he ended up in Egypt.  Joseph is extremely successful as a slave, until he is falsely accused of rape, resulting in him being thrown in prison.  But even in prison, the Lord continues to bless Joseph and allow him to flourish.

Focus Verses: 37:12-28  Why did Joseph’s brothers sell him?  What was the sin in their hearts?  Have you ever acted out due to the same sin?  What was the result?