March 10, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Matthew 26-28

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Commentary:  The religious leaders prepare to eliminate the problematic teacher, Jesus, while Jesus is preparing His disciples for exactly that moment!  When Jesus and His disciples share their final meal together, they combine the old tradition (Passover) with a new tradition (communion).  It is during this meal that Jesus shares several predictions with them, most of which the disciples did not understand or refused to believe.  After eating, they all go to pray.  Jesus goes off by Himself to pray for strength, for He knows what is coming, yet does not want to go through with it.  Jesus was arrested and His disciples fled in fear.  Jesus refused to testify until He was forced, but only admitted that it is as they say.  Peter shows what happens when we rely upon our selves for strength instead of the Lord.  Pilates shows what happens when your convictions are weak.  After being on the cross for six hours, the moment Jesus feared most came to pass: He was separated from His Father.  Upon His death, Joseph of Arimathea asked for His body to bury Him.  Mary of Magdalene and another Mary witnessed His burial and knew where the tomb was located.  They knew which tomb they needed to return.  Instead of a body, they discovered an angel, which told them that Jesus had risen.  The guards, prompted by the chief priests spread the story that Jesus' body was stolen.  Jesus met with the disciples in Galilee, giving them the great commission.

Focus Verses:  26:17-30  Why is this important?  Why is it still celebrated today?  What is the meaning of communion for you?  Does it align with this passage?