March 12, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Genesis 40-43

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Commentary:  Although in prison, Joseph continues to be blessed by the Lord, for Joseph is exactly where he needs to be.  Joseph is eventually summoned before Pharaoh to interpret a dream.  Joseph ability to interpret the dream, which he fully credits to the Lord, raises him to a level of power that is second only to the pharaoh!  And then comes Joseph’s brothers, just as Joseph dreamed all those years ago, yet they do not recognize Joseph.  Joseph was hesitant to trust his brothers who had resented him and sold him into slavery.  Joseph test was to determine if his brothers had grown and learned from their previous mistreatment.

Focus Verses:  40:9-15, 23  Joseph wanted out of prison (who wouldn’t?) and tried to use his God-given gift to get him out.  What lesson did he learn?  Do you wait on God’s timing in your life?