March 16, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Isaiah 56-61

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Commentary:  Those who keep the Lord’s commandments will be rewarded.  Jesus spoke the same message.  Isaiah 57 explains that it is only for a short time, while on this earth, that they will prosper.  The wicked will suffer for eternity.  The righteous will be comforted and blessed for eternity.  Isaiah 58 addresses the multitude of people who go to church regularly and know all the correct answers, yet in their hearts, they are sinning against the Lord.  Worshipping the Lord must be done with a sincere heart.  By lacking a sincere heart, we prevent God from being able to work in our lives and pour out His blessing upon us.  In chapter 59, the sin of the Israelites, which drove the Lord from them, are laid bare.  The chapter ends with the promise of a coming Redeemer.  Chapter 60 is written as if the Redeemer has already come and speaks of what He did.  Chapter 61 tells of the first and second coming of Jesus Christ.  When it was written, Isaiah did not know which events applied to which coming.

Focus Verses: 61:1-7  Isaiah knows the purpose the Lord has set out before him.  What is it?  To what end?  What is the Lord asking of you?  Why are you being called to do so by the Lord?