March 23, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Isaiah 62-66

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Commentary: Isaiah 62 looks towards the future, when Jesus Christ has returned and Israel has been restored.  Chapter 63 begins with a bleak image.  The next time Jesus comes to earth, He will come in judgment.  Jesus will have mercy and spare those who have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior.  In chapter 64, the first six verses emphasize God's control over the universe.  The remaining verses look at mankind's condition in the universe.  This chapter is also a prayer of the prophet for those who survive Christ's judgment.  Chapter 65 is God's response to that plea.  God clearly states His reason for His rejection (1-7), reaffirms that His promise will be fulfilled (8-16), and the revelation of the new heaven and earth (17-25).  In the final chapter of Isaiah, God's kingdom has finally arrived on earth.  

Focus Verses:  66:17-24  The book of Isaiah has been filled with messages of hope, warnings of what is to come, and explanations of behavior that displeases the Lord.  How does this book end?  What is the final message?  What have you learned from your study of Isaiah?