March 30, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Jeremiah 1-6

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Commentary:  Jeremiah was likely around the age of 20 when he was called by the Lord.  Like many, Jeremiah is resistant to the call, believing himself incapable.  Today’s reading covers approximately the first five years of Jeremiah’s ministry.  The past is often used to remind individuals to trust and rely upon the Lord.  Jeremiah rebukes Judah for having embraced idolatry, thereby rejecting the Lord.  King Josiah was a good king, earnestly seeking the way of the Lord and attempting to leads his people back to the way of the Lord.  Unfortunately, the majority of individuals were not like Josiah.  They did not embrace the Lord in their hearts and repent.

Focus Verses:  3:21-4:4  What is the Lord asking?  What is He promising?  Why does He ask this?  Does He still ask this today?