March 31, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Mark 5-6

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Commentary: Jesus continues to perform many miracles, but not in His hometown.  In His hometown, the peoples hearts were hardened against Him, believing that Jesus was merely the son of a carpenter.  When Jesus sent the disciples out on their own, they went in groups of two.  This refers back to Deuteronomy 17:6, where two witnesses were required for any testimony.  Jesus may not have respected the rules of man, but He respected the Laws of God.  Herod (son of Herod the Great who attempted to kill Jesus when He was a baby) was fearful that John the Baptist had come back.  Herod imprisoned John for speaking out against Herod's marriage to his living brother's wife.  Herod would not kill John, perhaps knowing that he spoke the truth.  Herod's wife however, wanted John dead and was willing to prostitute her daughter in order for it to happen.  Jesus, recently learning of John's death, His cousin, and having His disciples return from their travels, attempted to find a quiet place, but they were followed by crowds.  Jesus took pity on the people, who were spiritually lost yet hungry, and ministered to them.  When they were physically hungry, He provided food for them.  After the crowd left, Jesus went off to pray by Himself, while the disciples went out onto the water.

Focus Verses: 6:6b-13  What can be learned from this passage?  How can you apply this lesson to your life?