April 7, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Mark 7-8

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Commentary: Chapter 7 contains explanations for several Jewish customs, as many of Mark’s readers were Gentiles, and, therefore, unfamiliar with such traditions.  The Jewish customs were meant to serve as reminders of the special relationship the Israelites shared with the Lord, however, they had become nothing more than empty rituals.  Jesus’ shows compassion for those He saves, by touching them, which was often against the law, and by looking after their health (hunger).  Jesus’ miracles are for those who have open hearts, not hardened hearts.  Although the knowledge of the disciples is growing, they still struggle to understand why Jesus was sent to this earth.  They struggle to understand the concept of a suffering savior.  Peter’s words are evidence of this lack of understanding.  To go against God’s plan was, and is, to stand with Satan.

Focus Verses:  7:31-37  Why did Jesus interact with the deaf and mute man the way He did?  What can we learn from this interaction?  Is there an area of your life where you can apply this lesson?