April 13, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Jeremiah 12-16

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Commentary:   King Josiah had died, leaving Jeremiah as the sole shining light for Christ during a very dark time.  Even Jeremiah is struggling!  The people of Israel continue to sin against Him and refuse to repent.  Their wickedness would ultimately result in their captivity.  King Jehoiakim became king after Josiah’s death, and turned agains the Lord.  God revealed to Jeremiah that as punishment, He was going to send a drought and famine.  Jeremiah pleads for the people for Israel, but the Lord will not relent, although He will protect Jeremiah.  He also urges Jeremiah not to bring children into the world due to the forthcoming horrors.

Focus Verses: 16:1-20  What is being said in this passage?  Of what is Jeremiah being warned?  Why will the Israelites be punished?  Are any of their crimes yours?