April 16, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Exodus 9-12

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Commentary:  The Israelites remain unaffected by the remaining plagues covered in today’s reading.  God protected them, further demonstrating His power to control where and whom the plagues affected.  The Pharaoh chose to harden his heart repeatedly against God and His chosen people, thus furthering the pain and suffering of the Egyptians.  Pharaoh witnessed the power of the Lord, yet chose to ignore it!  Miracles do not produce faith!  The final plague was the death of the firstborn.  It is from this action that Jews celebrate Passover.  This final plague is unique in that it requires an action on the part of the Israelites in order to be exempted from it.  Pharaoh summoned Moses during the night and allowed the Israelites to be released.

Focus Verses: Reader’s choice!  Pick a plague?  Why that plague?  What was its importance in God’s demonstration of His power?  What does it reveal about the Lord?