April 20, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Jeremiah 17-21

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Commentary:  The people of Judah had attempted to deceive God through their actions, however God can see into their hearts.  The people refused to follow His Law and they will be severely punished.  Jeremiah references God as a Potter, shaping us, His people, into people who can do His works.  In chapter 19, Jeremiah smashes several beautiful creations, to show that Judah would also fall and be destroyed.  Naturally, Jeremiah’s predictions angered some priests, who had him arrested.  Jeremiah became depressed and attempted to resign from his position as prophet of the Lord!  Of course, it is not so easy to resign from work for which one has been called by the Lord.  In today’s final chapter, Judah faces great peril.  What does the king do?  Turn to the one true prophet, who he had previously mocked, ridiculed, and beaten for speaking God’s word.  The king, however, was too later.  Judah would fall into captivity.

Focus Verses:  19:1-10  What are these verses saying?  What message is being taught through Jeremiah’s actions?  How does God use Jeremiah differently than Isaiah?  Why do you think that is?