April 27, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Jeremiah 22-26

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Commentary: We are to use what God has given us for the Lord’s purpose. We are to always listen to the Lord.  Following those harsh pronouncements comes a ray of sunlight in the darkness.  God has not forgotten His people.  They will not be held captive forever.  Chapter 25 occurs nearly 20 years before the previous chapter (Jeremiah in NOT arranged chronologically).  It foretells of Babylon conquering Judah and the Israelites being captives for 70 years.  In chapter 26, Jeremiah is threatened with death for prophesying against Judah.  Jeremiah was the only true prophet of the Lord at this time.  There were others who were considered prophets but they did not speak for the Lord and were prophesying peace.  The temple priests support these false prophets over the Lord's true prophet, Jeremiah. 

Focus Verses:  24:1-10  What is being said in this passage?  How is it demonstrated?  What can be learned from it?