May 4, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Jeremiah 27-31

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Commentary:  The people of Israel refuse to listen to God’s chosen prophet, Jeremiah, instead preferring the false prophets who promise peace.  And the false prophets continue to try and silence the truth from Jeremiah.  Jeremiah sends a letter to captives saying they should not expect a quick return to their homeland.  Chapter 30 introduces a new time: Babylon is outside the walls of Jerusalem.  The prediction in chapter 28 (which occurred seven years earlier) had obviously not come true.  Chapter 30, and continuing throughout the next nine chapters, are the darkest hours for the people of Judah.  Yet these remaining two chapters speak of the future greatness for Israel.  These chapters provide hope, for their future and for ours, as these promises have yet to be fulfilled.

Focus Verses:  30:1-3,18-22  As in Isaiah, during Israel’s darkest time, God still gives hope.  Why does He always provide His people with hope?  What hope have we today?