May 11, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Jeremiah 32-36

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Commentary:  Jeremiah’s purchasing of the land (in the middle of war that Jerusalem is going to lose!) shows his faith in the Lord’s promise that Israel would be returned to Jerusalem.  We are to fully follow God, not give half-hearted, insincere attempts, nor search for loopholes, which is what was done during King Zedekiah’s reign.  Prophets of the Lord are to be treated with respect.  King Jehoiakim (who ruled before Zedekiah), disrespected Jeremiah’s instructions and was punished for it.

Focus Verses:  32:1-15  What was Jeremiah instructed to do?  Why?  What would be your reaction as a spectator to such an event?  How do you show your faith in the Lord and His promises?