May 12, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Luke 1-2

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Commentary:  The Gospel of Luke is a detailed, chronological account, beginning before Jesus was born.  Luke begins with the birth of John the Baptist, who would prepare the way for Christ.  Like Jesus, John’s birth was also foretold.  It was an unexpected, yet joyful occasion.  Six months after John’s mother, Elizabeth become pregnant, Mary is told that she will be the mother of Jesus Christ.  Elizabeth celebrated the birth of John surrounded by family.  Mary celebrated the birth of Jesus with only Joseph.  Shepherds also came to worship Jesus.  From a young age, Jesus demonstrated that even though He was human, He was also the Son of God and possessed amazing understanding of God’s word.

Focus Verses:  2:8-14  How overjoyed Heaven must have been that night!  How often in your busy, hectic, crazy life do you remember to stop and praise the Lord?