May 15, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 2 Samuel 15-19

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Commentary:  Last week, we read a psalm from David about being betrayed by his son Absalom, and a trusted advisor.  Today’s reading covers those events!  David may have been betrayed, but he was not alone.  David demonstrates his faith in the Lord, refusing to use the Ark fro political advantage, instead sending it back to Jerusalem.  David knew what others before him did not; the Ark is not the source of God’s power.  Having it will not ensure victory.  Despite his betrayal, David mourns the death of Absalom.   Absalom’s death does not end David’s troubles, as tensions form between the tribes of Judah and the northern tribes.

Focus Verses:  15:1-12  How was Absalom able to gain favor with the people?  What does this teach you?