May 18, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Jeremiah 37-41

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Commentary:  Once again, a king refuses to listen and trust in the Lord for salvation, instead relying on the power of other, pagan, nations.  Jeremiah is imprisoned, summoned by the king, then imprisoned again because the king did not like the truth of what Jeremiah spoke.  Jeremiah never falters in speaking the truth of the Lord, for which the Lord remembers him, even if Jeremiah’s salvation comes from an unexpected source: the Babylonians.

Focus Verses: 38:14-28  What the Lord asks is not always easy, nor does it always seem like the correct course of action, but if it is coming from the Lord can it be wrong?  What is something the Lord has asked of you?  Did you do it?  What was the result?  How can this passage change the way you follow the Lord?