May 19, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Luke 3-4

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Commentary: John the Baptist is the first true prophet since Malachi - over 400 years ago!  John’s preachings were new - baptism for all!  However, only those who have earnestly repeated should be baptized.  Baptism is not another item to check off of a religious salvation checklist.  John drew crowds and attention, eventually landing in prison for speaking out against Herod’s marriage to his brother’s wife.  Before Jesus could begin His ministry, He spent 40 days in the desert being tempted by Satan.  Jesus successfully throws off Satan’s attempts at trickery, and begins His ministry in His hometown…where He is prompts rejected.  People demand proof before they would believe Him.  Outside of His hometown, Jesus was well received, often performing many miracles.  He drew great crowds wherever He went.

Focus Verses:  4:31-37  What can you learn from this passage?  Why is it important?  How can this lesson be applied in your life?