May 22, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 2 Samuel 20-24

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Commentary: David quickly ends a revolt by the northern tribes, barely managing to unite the southern and northern tribes.  Chapter 21 could have occurred prior to the events of the previous chapter, as it describes Saul’s attempt to wipe out the Gibeonites, with whom Joshua agreed not to harm.  For going against their word, Israel was punished by a famine until amends were made.  David’s battle with the Philistines likely occurred during the early years of his reign.  Chapter 22 is identical to Psalm 18.  It was written while David was being chased by Saul and ends with David being made king.  Chapter 23 is a reflection by David on how the Lord has provided for David.  In an act of vanity, and against advise, David conducts a census.  It showed a lack of faith in the Lord, by putting his trust in numbers.  Israel suffered for his vanity.  To repent of his actions, David purchased the site that the Temple would stand.

Focus Verses: 24:10-25  What was David’s sin?  Why was it a sin?  How did he repent?  And why did He insist upon buying the threshing floor?  What does this passage teach you?