May 25, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Jeremiah 42-46

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Commentary:  Jeremiah’s advice is routinely ignored, even when it is asked!  A group of Israelites want to leave Judah for Egypt and ask Jeremiah to inquire of the Lord and promise to obey.  They do not listen when Jeremiah tells them to remain and even accuse him of lying!  Jeremiah is forced to go to Egypt with the group.  Chapter 45 returns to the reign of Jehoiakim.  Baruch is a friend and assistant to Jeremiah, recording his prophecies and taking them to the king…who cut and burned them.  This prophecy is one of encouragement to Baruch.  Chapter 46 contains a prophecy of judgment against Egypt by Babylon.

Focus Verses: 42:1-43:3  Did the Israelites truly want to hear the word of the Lord?  How did they react?  How do you seek the word of the Lord?  What is your reaction when He does not direct you as you want?