May 27, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Galatians 1-3

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Commentary: This letter was written with urgency, evident by Paul skipping his usual greeting, thanks, and prayers.  He immediately begins with a defense of his apostleship before warning against false teachers who proclaim a salvation of works, instead of salvation by grace.  Paul’s knowledge came through diligent and prolonged study.  Further, Paul was supported by Peter in his teachings.  Salvation cannot be earned through works, as no one, except Jess Christ, is without sin.  God’s covenant with Abraham was also based on grace.  The law was given as a reminder to the Israelites as to how they were to conduct themselves.

Focus Verses: 1:11-24  What does Paul’s calling reveal?  Why is it important for Paul to note the length of time he spent studying and learning?  How do you dedicate yourself to studying and learning?