May 28, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Exodus 33-36

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Commentary: The Israelites were to remove the ornaments they were wearing, as they represented pagan beliefs and kept the Israelites from fully worshipping the Lord God.  During the construction of the Tabernacle, a tent was set aside for Moses to meet with the Lord.  Joshua is also being prepared to take over for Moses.  God continued to provide instructions to Moses, including a warning against signing treaties with any nations in the land that Israel was to inhabit, as it would lead them back into idolatry.  God also provides instructions on sacrifices, work, and feasts.  The supplies for the Tabernacle came from the Israelites, who had taken the materials from the Egyptian as pay for their years of slavery.  The previous instructions from the Lord regarding the building of the Tabernacle, is now being carried out.

Focus Verse: 34:8-9  Is this your prayer?  Do you seek forgiveness and redemption?  Do you seek the Lord and His will?