June 1, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Jeremiah 47-52

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Commentary:  Where can the Israelites go to escape becoming slaves to another nation?  In chapter 47, Jeremiah warns against Philistine; they will fall to Babylon.  In chapter 48, Jeremiah warns that Moah will also fall, although it will be restored one day.  The same fate applies to Ammon.  Edom will also fall and its city of Petra will remain standing although uninhabited.  Damascus will also be destroyed and rebuilt (today it is the capitol of Syria, although its location has moved).  Dedar and Hazor will also fall to King Nebuchadnezzar, as will Elam, although it will eventually be restored.  The remnant of Judah truly had no safe place to turn.  Of course, they were also relying on the strength of man instead of the strength of the Lord, which is far greater.  Every nation, no matter how powerful, how unbeatable, how strong, can fall and be completely destroyed.  Chapter 52 records the fulfillment of a previous prophecy and shows the end of the line of David through Solomon.  Jesus’ mother, Mary, was a descendant of David’s son Nathan.

Focus Verses:  52:4-30  Imagine this day.  It was a devastating and terrible prophecy that came to life.  How many Israelites doubted that this day would come?  Have you ever doubted God?  A promise He gave?  Ignored a warning?  What does this passage teach you about the Lord and His word?