June 2, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Luke 7-8

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Commentary:  The unusual story of the Roman centurion shows the power of demonstrating respect for others.  John the Baptist remains in prison and was beginning to experience doubt because his life was not going as he had thought, however he had fulfilled God’s plan.  He had delivered his message, even if it was largely rejected, especially by the religious leaders, because of their focus on the rules.  When they criticized Jesus for failing to follow the “rules” of the Jewish religion, and allowed a sinful women to anoint Him, Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for not showing respect or honor to Him, unlike the poor women.  Read our in-depth study of the parable of the Sower here.  The faith demonstrated by the centurion earlier is contrasted by the lack of faith of disciples on the boat.  Having a herd of pigs indicates Gentiles, like pigs, are unclean.  Before leaving, the man cured of the demon asks to come with Jesus, but Jesus told him to return home.  Following Christ requires something different from each of us.  A ruler of a synagogue is reduced to a beggar for his daughter of 12.  A woman who has been bleeding 12 years had such faith that simply touching the edge of Jesus' cloak would heal her.  

Focus Verses: 7:1-10  Why is this passage important?  What does it teach us about Jesus?  How can you be more like Him?