June 8, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Lamentations

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Commentary: Each chapter of this book is an eulogy, a funeral poem, in which the prophet Jeremiah laments the loss of Jerusalem, the temple of the Lord.  Jerusalem was destroyed due to the people’s rejection of the Lord.  The people had become hypocritical - going to the temple, yet failing to live in a lifestyle pleasing to the Lord.  In chapter 3, Jeremiah reflects upon the past, in which he had predicting the fall of Jerusalem.  He was now standing in the rubble of the city.  Imagine standing in your ruined and crumbling hometown while reading the chapter 4.  Jeremiah is describing what he sees.  The final lament is actually a prayer, a prayer for the Israelites.

Focus Verses:4:1-13  Last week, we studied the fall of Jerusalem.  Here is its aftermath.  What does this passage describe?  What warning does it offer?  How can you head this warning?