June 9, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Luke 9-10

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Commentary: Jesus sends out His 12 disciples, with instructions to rely upon the Lord for their needs and to be content with what He provides.  During their journey, the disciples experienced a great amount of success, which they quickly forgot when Jesus asked them to feed the 5,000.  Peter, James, and John were witnesses to Jesus’ meeting with Moses and Elijah, although they failed to understand the significance of the event, just as all the disciples failed to understand the true purpose of the Messiah and of His forthcoming death.  Through their debate over who was the greatest disciple they also showed a lack of understanding of Jesus’ message of servitude.  The beginning of chapter 10 echoes the beginning of chapter 9, with the sending out of even more disciples - 72 this time - with the same instructions to rely upon the Lord.

Focus Verses:  10:1-24  What happens in this passage?  Why is it important?  What does it teach?  How can you apply this lesson to your life?