June 12, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 1 Kings 10-13

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Commentary: Solomon’s reputation for wisdom had spread far and wide, with kings and queens coming from all over to hear him.  It also allowed many to come to know the Lord.  Unfortunately, Solomon’s wisdom is earthly only, it does not extend to the Lord.  Solomon become obsessed with earthly wealth and disobeys many of the commandments of the Lord.  His actions set up Israel to eventually fall.  Rehoboam succeeds Solomon as king, and faced the same problem many governments face today: people unhappy with government taxation.  Rehoboam increased taxation, prompting 10 of the 12 tribes to leave and elect Jeroboam as their king.  Those who supported Jeroboam could no longer worship at the temple at Jerusalem, so Jeroboam erected two golden calves for the people to worship.  A prophet denounced these false alters, foretelling of a king that would come and destroy such alters.  The prophet later was deceived by a false prophet and died a horrible death.  

Focus Verses:  11:1-19  How does Rehoboam’s actions reflect his upbringing?  What lesson and warning does it provide for us today?