June 16, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Luke 11-12

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Commentary: Jesus covers many topics in today’s reading.  Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray.  (Read our in-depth commentary on this lesson here.)  After driving out demons, Jesus is accused of being Satan, but why would Satan want to drive out his army, who are causing chaos, just as he wants?  Only God holds the power to drive out demons.  Jesus' woes to the Pharisees were actually expressions of deep regret.  Life on this earth, like wealth, is fleeting.  We are to be concerned about our eternal life and must always be prepared, for no one knows the time of place of the Lords return.  Those with greater knowledge have a greater responsibility to the Lord.

Focus Verses:  11:33-36  What lesson is Jesus imparting here?  Why is it important?  how can you apply it to your life?