June 26, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 1 Kings 19-22

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Commentary:  Elijah had just had a major victory for the Lord, yet immediately crumbles under a threat for Jezebel, as the experience drained him.  Elijah also took his eyes off the Lord and faltered.  The Lord did not abandon Elijah, caring for his physical, spiritual and emotional needs.  God also looked after His people, preparing the prophet Elisha for when God took Elijah home.  God also gave the 10 ten northern tribes (Israel) another chance to repent, saving them from the Syrians, and demonstrating His power of Baal.  In chapter 21, we see Ahab covet what is not his and then pout like a child when he does not get what he wants.  Ahab's wife comes up with a plan to get the coveted vineyard by killing the owner for false charges.  Due to the couple's ruthlessness, God pronounces judgment on them, which is carried out in chapter 22.

Focus Verses:  19:1-9  Why is this passage important?  Can you relate?  What does it teach you about the Lord?