July 1, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Philippians 3-4

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Commentary: Salvation cannot be earned, nor can God’s approval.  Paul’s life is an example of this.  He had the perfect pedigree: born of the tribe of Benjamin, was a Pharisee and upheld the law, and he was circumcised.  Ultimately, non of it mattered, as salvation can only be obtained through faith in Christ.  In the final chapter, Paul addresses several personal issues within the church.  He sets a precedent for mediation within the church and reminds the reader of the importance of prayer.  Paul ends his letter with his tradition final greeting.

Focus Verses: 4:10-20  It is important to pray and to ask others to pray for you during times of struggle and hardship.  How does Paul react to those who pray for him?  How can you follow his example?