July 6, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Ezekiel 19-24

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Commentary:  Today’s reading begins with two funeral laments.  Chapters 20 and 22 contain a review of the sins of Judah.  Between the two chapters, Ezekiel records that due to their sin, the Lord has drawn His sword against His chosen nation.  Chapter 23 contains a parable of two sisters, similar to that of the harlot queen in chapter 16.  Chapter 24 was written the day Nebuchadnezzar began his siege and ends with the death of Ezekiel’s wife.  Her death is an example that suffering is part of following and serving the Lord, yet God knows our suffering and cares that we are suffering.

Focus Verses:  22:23-31  What happened to cause God’s wrath on Jerusalem?  How can these verses be applied today?  What do they teach you about your behavior?