July 7, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Luke 17-18

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Commentary: Jesus, addressing the disciples, begins to prepare them for what was to come after they reached Jerusalem.  Christ forgives all of our sins, if we just ask!  Similarly, we are also to forgive others, repeatedly if necessary, again and again.  If it is difficult to forgive, then we must seek to have greater faith in the Lord.  The lepers healed by Jesus had to first demonstrate their faith before receiving healing.  While salvation cannot be gained through works or actions, they are still important to showing the world who we serve.  The Pharisees again try to trick Jesus by asking Him about the kingdom of God.  The kingdom of God resides in us.  It is wherever Jesus Christ is, not in some far off place to be found.  The end of days will come so suddenly, we will not be aware of it until it is upon us and we will not have time to prepared.  We must prepare now!  Prayer, persistent prayer is important in all we do.  We must wait for God’s timing, but while we wait, pray!  Serving the Lord must come above all else.

Focus Verses:  17:1-10  What lesson is Jesus teaching?  How does it apply to your life?  Why is it important?