July 9, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Leviticus 13-15

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Commentary:  Today’s reading address how to preserve the health of the camp.  How hard is it to stay healthy during flu season?  The Israelites were living in the desert in close quarters.  Can you imagine how hard it was to stay healthy?!  Many instructions given by the Lord are still used today, proven to help us fight illnesses!  These chapters do not offer cures.  Sin is similar to a disease.  Just as the Israelites were instructed to cleanse themselves in water, we are to cleanse ourselves in the blood of Christ.  The offerings presented by the Israelites after becoming clean once again, represent the ultimate sacrifice that was yet to come, Jesus Christ.

Focus Verses:  15:31-33  These verses reveal why the Lord gave such laws.  What is the reason?  What does it show you about the Lord?