July 20, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Ezekiel 31-36

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Commentary:  We begin today’s reading by continuing with the prophecies against Egypt.  Chapter 31 contains the 5th of 7 prophecies.  It describes the fall of the Cedar (pharaoh) of Egypt.  Chapter 32 contains the final two prophecies: the lament for the fall of Pharaoh (1-16) and the pharaoh being condemned to the pit (17-32).  The remainder of today’s reading concerns future prophecies.  Chapter 33 provides a warning to heed to the watchman (1-9), an exhortation to turn from evil (10-20), and the fall of Jerusalem and Israel’s failure to heed the warning (21-33).  Chapter 34 can be considered a sequel to chapter 22, as both foretell of the coming destruction.  In chapter 34, the leaders of Israel are described a shepherds as they are condemned and their removal is announced (1-10) and God announces He is taking over (11-16).  The people of Israel are described as sheep and God will judge and deliver them (17-24).  In the final verses of the chapter (25-31), a literal message is given to the people with the promise to deliver to them the covenant of peace.  Chapter 35 is a prophecy of judgment against Edom with the declaration of judgement (1-4) and the reason for judgment (5-15).  Chapter 36 tells of the repossession of the mountains of Israel (1-15), the reason for the restoration (16-23), the seven elements of the restoration (24-32), and the benefit of the restoration (33-38).

Focus Verses: 32:17-32  It is easy to look back on history and think of course these nations fell!  But remember, when this was written, they were powerful!  To many it seemed impossible that they would fall.  But they did.  What can be learned from this passage?