July 27, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Ezekiel 37-42

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Commentary: Chapter 37 contains two complimentary prophecies.  Both introduce and describe a vision before offering an interpretation of the vision.  Chapters 38 and 39 contain a prophecy against Gog, and unknown nation.  This prophecy has yet to come to pass.  In chapter 40, the theme of Ezekiel shifts, to one of restoration and hope.  These final chapters can cause confusion.  The temple described by Ezekiel does not match the description of any known temple after his time.  The description also contains mention of a place for animal sacrifice, which is no longer necessary since Jesus shed His blood.  Perhaps these final chapters were a hope of Ezekiel that was never fulfilled.  These remaining chapters are filled with hope of Israel being restored and Israelites, once again being able to worship at the Lord’s temple.  Chapter 40-42 describe, in amazing detail, the temple building.

Focus Verses: 40:1-5  Ezekiel ends his book with a message of hope.  Why?  What does this teach us about the Lord?